Kerux Kids University

About Us

Kerux Kids University opened its doors in August of 2016 for our very first school year. Born out of the combination of a dream and a need, we seek to educate each child's gift and God given call. KKU has curriculum that has been specially and specifically crafted for our students. Our curriculum brings together elements of scaffolded playtime similar to a Montessori, and leveling assessments that ensure that each child is met where they are during learning time. Each of our students is so important to us, so our main goal at Kerux is to ensure that your child's individual needs are met.

Our Staff

Shae Dixon



Pre Kinder Learning Coach

Andi Ramirez


Operations Manager

Warriors Learning Coach

Montana Lambert


Team Lead

Adventurers Learning Coach

Madison Lambert


Adventurers Learning Coach

Team Support

Melinda Piercefield


Pre Kinder Learning Coach

Nick Renteria


Office Support

Brenda Rozelle


Pre Kinder Learning Coach

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Curriculum is a very big deal to us here at Kerux Kids University, so we spent months carefully crafting our specialized curriculum with your child in mind. Since our classrooms are broken up by social maturity and not age, it is important that each child is still taught to their maximum learning level. This is where Pods come in! Pods are small groups of students that are at the same learning level. During learning time, classes will break into Pods for centers and instruction. This ensures that each child receives the individual attention they need (as they will generally be learning in groups of five or less students), and that they are always learning. This prevents the more advanced students from getting bored or taking away learning opportunities from children that need a little more help. It also prevents students from falling behind or into the back ground. 



Kerux Kids University is dedicated to providing excellent learning opportunities to aid each child in unlocking their potential, and therefore purpose, in the Kingdom of God. KKU takes a whole child approach to education. Our staff works together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of every child we serve. 


What does Kerux mean, anyway?

Kerux (which we pronounce KEY-ruh-x) can be defined as "a herald of messenger vested with public authority, who conveyed the official messages of kings, magistrates, princes, military commanders, or who gave a public summons or demand, and performed various other duties. In the New Testament God's Ambassador, and the herald or proclaimer of the divine word." In other words, a Kerux is a person with authority, who conversed directly with kings, and delivered the messages to the people. At Kerux, we are training up mouthpieces for our Heavenly Father, equipped to deliver the good news through the use of their unique talents and gifting.